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What To Know Before We Arrive!


Before We Arrive


  • If at night, turn on an outside porch light. If possible, send someone to the front lawn with a flashlight to signal the ambulance driver.

  • Clear a path inside your home. Move all furniture or TV's out of the way, if possible.

  • Place dogs or cats in a seperate room and close the door.

  • Gather all medication the patient has been subscribed.

  • Do not give the patient anything to eat or drink.

  • Keep talking to the patient.


Display Your Street Address

  • If you call for help, we need to find your house easily. Please help us by making sure your house number is easily seen from the street and visible at night. We can't help you if we can't find you!


What to do if you have an EMERGENCY

  • Dial 911

  • Say, "This is an emergency. I need an ambulance because ..."

  • Give the location, age and symptom of the patient. Also include your own name and phone number.

  • Follow the instructions of the dispatcher.

  • Stay with the patient until EMS arrives. 


Plan for an EMERGENCY

  • Record family medical information on a card and keep it close to the telephone in case of an emergency.  This should include:

    • Name

    • Date of Birth

    • Drug Allergies

    • Medical History

    • Current Medications


If you are alone we also recommend the following:

  • The purchase of a Medical Alert device for use in notifying Emergency personal of the incident.

  • The Township sells Special outside light adapters that will provide a blinking light to attract the Emergency Personal to your home.

  • If you have a cell phone add the phone number of a nearest relative but name that number ICE (In Case of Emergency).

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