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Why Join?

Joining Squad 11 Provides you the opportunity to help your community while providing valuable training and skills in return.

Squad 11 pays for and provides the follow training: 

EMT, CEVO, FEMA ICS Classes, & more


Being in EMS sets the foundation to pursue other career paths. Whether it's Police, Fire, or the Medical Field you have in mind, you won't gain experience like this anywhere else.


All members are required to volunteer 32 Hours per month and attend meetings and drills.

Hours are achieved by volunteering on the Ambulance. Once you join, you can find a shift that works best for you. 

Meeting are held the last Friday of each month.

Now What?


So are you ready to join a family of neighbors who help others? Apply now!

What Joining Looks Like:

After joining, all members start as Probationary membersPrior to your 1st shift, you will receive your AHA BLS CPR Certification. After you are CPR Certified, your Training and New Member coordinator will work to get your first shifts scheduled. You will spend your first few shifts learning the rigs, equipment, and procedures. As you continue to ride your shifts, you will continue to learn new things. During this time, we will also work to get you CEVO certified and comfortable driving our rigs. 

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